Experience in the use of 7 Slim

7 Slimas I've lost 8 kilos in a month

I rarely write comments, but this drug could not pass over. Two months ago, has acquired 7 Slim on the recommendation of the sister.

Customers 7 Slim

I want to share the results of the course, which lasted a month, and my indicators still later of 30 days after its completion. I hope that my experience in the use of help readers to lose weight.

In a few words about the manner of implementation of the

The drug is one of the drops. It is not necessary to measure with the help of a pipette or dimensions of the vessel, already dosed. A blister – an appointment. In the package of 20 mini-packets.

In the statement, plain and simple explains how to use 7 Slim: drink 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating, take the juice or water. I have decided to diversify the use and added the liquid in the milk and then pour into it the protein powder. The indigestin or other side effects after of this I did not realize.

Up 7 Slim

My introduction – 75 kilograms to the growth of the 170. Is 25 kilos more than my ideal weight. Yes, a little bit launched after childbirth. The standard activities – walk to the metro station of the store, sometimes stroll through the nearest park. The sport as a course, and while he was not concerned. Time in the gym not. Still it is worth mentioning that in the hips I have early thinning was noticeable the cellulite.

After 30 days 7 Slim

Experience in the use of

Not sober and weighed for the week, although it is said that the weight can jump. For the first time was less pounds, then minutes 1.5... And the third and the fourth week, the result has soared to 2.5 and 3 kg!!! Apparently, the effect is accumulated. A Total of 8 kg in 30 days, at the end of the course, my weight has reached the mark of 67 kg

Cellulite has become noticeably lower. Skin after weight loss is quite drastic standards of dietitians (it is advised that the relief of not more than 4 kg per month), it has not been hung. I did a light massage with a hard brush, but not most of the measures for the stretch that has not participated, and at the exit of the skin was firm, as if I did not do diet.

The output of

7 Slim – really fast to lose weight. The best results gave me only mono in 3 weeks, but, to be honest, the torture of the body. And with 7 Slim it is to lose weight and quickly, and without consequences for the health. The most important thing is that the pounds do not come back! A month has passed, but there's not gain even a gram. I recommend and try it.