Kefir diet: a useful technique for burning fat

Kefir for weight loss

Kefir diet helps to easily reduce weight to the desired figure. The main principle is to take 1. 5 liters of fresh low-fat kefir. Divide it into portions and take it all day. Drinking filtered water is recommended to cleanse the body faster. Strong tea, salt, coffee and sweet dishes are excluded from the diet. The results will be visible immediately if you follow the basic principles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The kefir diet to lose weight quickly is quite effective. Dairy product cleanses the body, restores the functions of the gastrointestinal system. Fresh kefir contains different types of bacteria and calcium. Even during a period of limited nutrition, the intestines function effectively. Thanks to vegetables and fruits, the body receives an additional source of vitamins and minerals.

Lack of a diet menu on a poor diet. Due to the rejection of other foods, the body is deprived of nutrients. Weakness, dizziness and indigestion may appear with prolonged adherence to the diet menu. The transition to the previous diet must be smooth, otherwise the excess weight will return after a while.


There are diets that vary in duration. To lose excess weight quickly, follow the diet menu for 1 to 5 days. At this time, you need to satisfy your hunger with kefir and restrict yourself on food. Kefir diet for 7 days allows you to gradually lose weight, because, in addition to dairy product, others are also introduced into the diet. Diet meals for a month and a nine-day program are considered the most correct and balanced.

For 1 day

The 1-day diet is pretty simple. Kefir with a volume of 1. 5 liters is consumed every 3 hours. A whole milk product has a diuretic effect, so you take in 1 to 3 kg per day.

For 3 days

During this period, it is allowed to drink 1. 5 liters of fermented milk product and tap water. The interval between doses is a couple of hours. If an important event is looming, a kefir diet for 3 days will help you quickly lose weight up to 4 kg.

For 5 days

Fermented milk product is still a daily drink. In addition, the diet contains 3 apples, 3-4 prunes and 1 kg of vegetables. It is allowed to combine products and make salads without oil. The kefir diet for 5 days excludes salty and sweet dishes.

For 7 days

Eating seven days can help you lose weight fast if you stick to the basics. Kefir is still the main ingredient in the diet. Products for day 1: 5 boiled potatoes and a fermented milk drink.

Every day they add in strict sequence:

  • Day 2 - 250 g of chicken meat;
  • Day 3 - 200 g of veal;
  • Day 4 - 170 g of fish;
  • Day 5 - 5 medium apples or vegetable salad.

Diet of the last 2 days: filtered water. On the diet menu for a week, all products are boiled before use. Nutrition helps you lose those 5 extra pounds. A more strict menu contains 5 apples and a fermented milk drink. If you also play sports, you can lose 10 kg of weight.

Cucumber and kefir diet

For 9 days

The menu is quite strict and monotonous. Kefir and apples are consumed according to a certain scheme. The first 3 days, they drink such an amount of 2% kefir to calm the unpleasant feeling in the stomach (1, 5-2 liters). Drinking still water is essential. From 4 to 6 days inclusive, choose one of the proposed products. It can be 1 kg of apple vegetables or 300 g of boiled chicken fillet.

Create an optimal menu for yourself and observe it throughout the entire period. From 7 to 9 days, they return to using low-fat kefir and purified water. If you strictly follow the recommendations, a kefir diet for 9 days will allow you to lose 8-9 kg.

For 2 weeks

Dietary nutrition is based on the use of fermented milk drinks and other products. A position is added daily and from the second week they start again:

  • 10 pieces of dried fruit;
  • baked potatoes in the oven - 6 pieces;
  • any fruit - 5 pieces;
  • chicken fillet - 850 g;
  • fat-free cottage cheese;
  • 1 liter of purified water;
  • 5 pieces of any fruit.

Food should be taken in equal portions, only until 6 pm. In addition to diet, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines with laxatives or enemas. If you stick to the menu, you will be able to improve the condition of your skin and lose weight of 10-14 kg in 2 weeks.

For a month

To lose weight gradually, you need to balance your diet. The food system for a month must follow some rules:

  • Daily intake of 1 liter of kefir.
  • It is not allowed to drink more than 1 liter of other liquid.
  • Add small amounts of salt to prepared foods.
  • Exclude bread and sweet dishes from the diet.
  • Replace fried and fatty foods with boiled meat and fish.

Kefir diet for abdominal weight loss will not harm a healthy person, but it will benefit. If you follow the diet for a month, the figure will become slimmer and the body will be healthy.

Diet options

Nutritionists offer various kefir-based diets. They differ in duration and degree of hardness. If during the period of the diet the body is severely limited, less time is spent on it. The smoothest kefir diet for 7 days or more. It contains low calorie foods, so the body can easily switch to normal foods.

Buckwheat with kefir for a 3-day diet.

Buckwheat kefir

The diet is quite simple and does not require a severe restriction on food intake. Buckwheat with kefir is consumed at the same time. Kefir diet is calculated for 3 days. The basic principle of dietary nutrition is the daily intake of kefir and buckwheat porridge in any amount. To make the porridge dietary, you need to fill it with boiled water for the night and cover it with a lid. Buckwheat can be consumed in the morning. Taking a vitamin complex is recommended to diversify your diet.

With apples

The diet is particularly tough. You can drink kefir and eat 6 apples throughout the day. Follow the diet for 3, 7 or 9 days. In the latter case, you can follow a special scheme: 3 days in apples, 3 days in kefir, and again in apples. The menu helps to lose 1 kg per day of excess weight.

With vegetables

The daily diet consists of any vegetable in unlimited quantities and a fermented dairy product. Baking, boiling vegetables or eating raw is allowed. Potatoes are not included in the diet because they are high in calories. You can drink herbal tea and clean water. Diet foods are followed for up to two weeks.

Cucumber kefir

The daily diet consists of 1 liter of kefir and 1, 5 kg of cucumbers. The fermented dairy product should be of medium fat content and the cucumbers should be small. It is recommended to buy a complex of vitamins in the pharmacy to maintain the body. The results are immediately noticeable: 3 kg will disappear in 3 days.

Beet kefir

The system resembles a cucumber and kefir diet. It can be observed for no more than three days. The diet consists of 1 liter of fermented dairy product and 4 medium-sized beets. A teaspoon of sour cream or sunflower oil is added to the beet salad.


To lose weight effectively, the daily diet consists of 3 large potatoes and 1. 5 liters of fermented milk drink. Potatoes can be baked in the oven or boiled without salt. The products are divided into 3 parts and are consumed. It is allowed to drink purified water between meals. If you follow this system, you can lose 5 kg in 3 days.

With cereals

The main menu consists of sour milk and cereals (one type). Other low calorie foods are allowed on the menu:

  • for breakfast 250 ml of kefir and 200 g of porridge without sweeteners;
  • vegetables for lunch, 200 ml of kefir and 180 g of boiled steak;
  • for dinner 1 fruit, 220 g of cottage cheese and 200 ml of kefir.

The fermented milk and oatmeal diet can be followed for 7-14 days. Helps the body cleanse itself and improve digestion. Porridge is tormented over low heat. It should not contain oil or salt. By following a diet, you will be able to lose 5 to 6 kg of weight.

About dairy products

The dairy kefir diet consists of whole milk, yogurt, and kefir. One of the offered drinks is taken at 2 hour intervals. There is a separate kefir diet, which contains low-fat cottage cheese and kefir. 350 g of cottage cheese and one fermented milk drink per day are allowed. After coming off the diet, the body will shed 7 kg in a week.

With fruit

All-day menu: kefir and fruits. You can choose 6-7 ripe fruits and combine them with each other. The allowed amount of kefir should be drunk before 6 pm. The kefir and banana diet deserves special attention. Due to the high nutritional value, there is no urgent need for food. You can make a cocktail and add a pinch of cocoa for flavor.

Weight loss on a kefir diet

Abandon the diet

To maintain your slim figure, you need to start eating healthy. You must add one product a day. A varied but not nutritious menu is preferable. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are added in small portions. The diet remains the same: the food is divided into six small portions.

Salt is added sparingly to avoid bloating. Sweet foods, alcoholic and carbonated beverages remain prohibited products. Proper nutrition will always keep your body in the right shape.


Not everyone can use the suggested recipes. With rheumatism, stomach diseases and kidney failure, long-term use of kefir is contraindicated. Diet foods will harm during pregnancy, rickets, anemia and increased acidity of the stomach.

There are many variations of the kefir diet. Depending on the duration and the degree of hardness, you can lose from 3 to 10 kg.

By experimenting with different types of dietary nutrition, it will be possible to choose the most suitable for the body. This will allow you to not only lose weight, but also cleanse yourself of toxins.

The kefir diet to reduce the belly has many advantages. It can be used if there are no health contraindications.