Energy Diet – functional food

In the health market, sport and food diet at the last moment appeared the leader — Energy Diet, which is a well-designed system based on the consumption of concentrates with different tastes. All products included in this line, are distinguished from the functionality and balanced.

The task of the methodology — the normalization of metabolism, which leads to weight loss, that hereafter no returns. In reality eating for weight loss these colorful boats are distinguished by the fact that you have spent many scientific of the laboratory testing and received approval as a professional, as normal people.

What is

To decide to slimming down in a way so singular, for the start of the difficult to understand, is that the same Energy Diet:

  • a complete and balanced from the point of view of the IBU substitute of any food in the form of concentrated dry, that after the dilution of the milk are converted into useful and tasty dish;
  • "smart food", which found problems in the interior of the organism and directs its strength in its solution;
  • the program for the conservation of the health, the energy, the maintenance of the slender figure without exhausting diets and their effects on the body.

These products are manufactured in france and undergo strict quality controls, with certifications of compliance — Russian and european.

The confirmation of the quality


In the products of energy diets of a mark on the lack of gmi. They were subjected to a procedure of state registration, were the object of numerous investigations in gu food institute and the institute of epidemiology and microbiology of the academy of medical sciences.

How it produces weight loss? Diet Energy Diet:

  • easy to optimize daily intake;
  • provides the body with the necessary amount of vitamins, fiber, minerals;
  • diverse, not bored and does not cause disgust, as it includes a wide variety of cocktails with different tastes, which can be mixed with each other;
  • thanks to the fiber, and enzymes, provides a healthy digestion;
  • purifies the intestines of the slag;
  • pulls out the toxins;
  • change the eating habits;
  • enhances well-being;
  • with the sufficient amount of protein and dietary fiber, gives a prolonged feeling of satiety;
  • helps to control cravings for unhealthy foods.

But the primary function energy diet — the normalization of metabolism, the infringement of which often are the cause of obesity. If you are following a weight loss program, developed by the manufacturers, it can achieve good results and keep them in the future.

General information. For sale ED in the territory of the different countries must comply with the products of its laws. For example, in france, it allows the guarana cocktails, while in russia it is not. So this component in the matches of the Russian federation does not exist. But the French concentrated their number is minimal, and this does not change the taste of the product itself, so that there is no difference do not feel.

The composition of the

These concentrates — functional food, fully in accordance with the requirements of a correct and healthy food. Using the data of the products, to lose weight you receive the optimal number of amino acids, PFC, vitamins, fiber, micronutrients, biologically active substances. In the composition of the cocktail includes several useful components.


Here there are animal proteins (milk) and vegetable (soybean and peas). In each cocktail — 18 amino acids that are not synthesized by the human body, and they fall for it only the food.


The fats in cocktails energy diets are presented of soybean oil, in which there are around 30 micronutrients. Among them, linoleic acid and vitamin e1, preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. Here are the animal fats in them not as the harmful cholesterol fear is not necessary.


The carbohydrates present glucose, which is fast to digest; the maltodextrin and starch, saturating the body for long periods of time. Their number strictly in a balanced way to. Its main objective is to ensure that the muscles and brain for energy, which prevents fatigue and decreased ability to function in the course of thinning.


For the cleaning of the intestine and the maintenance of the ediacarense normal stomach in cocktails this fiber. We report the rubber and inulin from chicory.

Royal jelly

It is a literal translation of the ingredients of the MEALS, although our ear familiar with the name of "royal jelly". Them bees feed to their larvae. In cocktails, it stabilizes the emotional state, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to adverse effects of external factors. Thanks to him, the fabric take in more oxygen.

In addition to these ingredients, the products of energy diets contain minerals, vitamins (to nourish and optimise metabolism); Caribbean cherry (acerol), which nourishes the body with ascorbic acid; the complex of enzymes High Digestibility, which contributes to the rapid and assimilation of proteins.

However, the composition of each product may be slightly different from the general list. Therefore, studying the packaging, where all of this will be written with more detail.

In a note. In 1 bank ED the same:

  • calciferol, as in 3 liters of milk;
  • of calcium as in a half liter kefir;
  • the ascorbic acid, as in 300 gr of apples / 500 grams of eggplant;
  • tocopherol, as in 800 g of cottage cheese;
  • niacin, 2.5 kg of apples / 1 kg of rosehip / 120 gr beef
  • of proteins, as in the 2 eggs 500 ml of milk 70 gr of beef / 50 g of cheese;
  • the iron, as in 700 g of peas / 2 liters of apple juice / 200 gr raisins / 600 gr of onion / 300 gr of chicken.

The damage

Cocktails energy diet produced in the body powerful enough, that it is necessary to keep under control. There is a supplement that has now taken, when wanted, and ğsemántica to lose weight. The power supply system requires a tracking program. And if you ignore the consequences may not be the most pleasant.

The products of this line there are a lot of alerts of the contraindications that must be considered previously. Them concern:

  • violated the synthesis of enzymes;
  • enteritis;
  • the stomach ulcer;
  • colitis;
  • the heart failure;
  • pathology is the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the pancreas;
  • acute gastritis;
  • the obstruction of the intestine;
  • systemic;
  • the allergy to the components of cocktails;
  • insomnia;
  • the metabolic syndrome.

For several of the products Energy Diet data contraindications, may be extended. For example, in cocktails and Cappuccino Coffee contains caffeine, which will have a damage in the organism of children, the elderly, individuals with increased nerve excitability, hypertension. So this slimming system developed yet, for those who do not there are health problems.

If you have any type of disease (acute and chronic) the permission for the use of these concentrates need to get a doctor. Otherwise, side effects may occur, between the most frequently observed:

  • tachycardia;
  • weight and not its reduction;
  • vertigo;
  • the migraine headaches;
  • the increase of the pressure;
  • nausea;
  • the difficulty breathing and other

These problems can occur if you consume cocktails way, ignoring the instruction for application and contraindications.

The pros and cons

As in any slimming system, the Energy Diet there are positive and negative aspects of the property. You must take into account before purchasing in order not to spend money in vain.

The dignity of the

  • It is a substitute of 1 the intake of food;
  • you can eat constantly without addiction;
  • the diversity of programs;
  • a wide range of flavors;
  • the perfect balance of substances, including the combination of proteins of vegetable and animal origin;
  • easy assimilation;
  • availability of all kinds of quality certificates and the confirmation of the effectiveness;
  • the control of calories;
  • the correct formation of the eating habits;
  • replenish energy;
  • lose weight without going hungry.


  • The high cost of (2 200-2 300 € by bank);
  • the menu, despite the diversity, it quickly becomes boring;
  • the complexity of the acquisition;
  • the obligatory nature of the exercise;
  • breadth of the marketing;
  • chemical additives;
  • the duration of thinning (minimum 3 months).

With all its disadvantages, energy diets — ideal solution to the problems of excess weight in conditions of shortage of time and busy, when there is another time to eat. Portion of concentrate can be taken in the workplace and on the road, to keep the stomach healthy.

Rules of consumption

It is necessary to take note of the following recommendations:

  1. It is better to raise concentrated 1,5%-s ' milk.
  2. Your temperature should not be hard to exceed 60 °C.
  3. To prepare fresh cocktail it is better to drink cold milk. Hot stop for soups, purees, porridge.
  4. 1 scoop = 30 g = 1 serving of divorce in a glass of liquid.
  5. Without any effort a physical power will not work. Therefore, to lose weight, seriously have to do exercise.
  6. Protein energy shakes for weight loss it is recommended to drink for 2 hours after sporting loads. The balanced mixture for will be muscle and not fat folds.
  7. ERECTILE dysfunction can replace 1 or more meals per day, but not all. In addition to these dry and concentrated on the menu must necessarily be present in vegetables, fruits, fish, etc
  8. If after ingestion Energy, Diet drink a glass of water (after 15 minutes), the effect of the saturation last longer.
  9. On the day of drinking a minimum of 1.2, and the best of — 2 liters of water.
  10. Prepare directly before taking, eat for 1 time.
  11. The concentrates are stored at temperatures below 5 °c and not higher than 25 °C.
  12. The open content of the banks remains adequate in the food no more than 2 months.

The manufacturers clearly state the application's manual. But this is only ideally, it should be dilute in the milk. Try different options and pour the concentrate to other liquids: kefir, soy milk, vegetable broth, water. This is not prohibited.

The line of products

Energy diets surprised by its variety. Here are cloying sweet and very salty, hot, soups, porridges, purees, tortillas, bread and many other products. The "tracks" — vanilla, banana, coffee, chocolate, cappuccino, chicken, mushrooms. In addition to this system of power is not prohibited to mix different products of mushrooms with chicken, strawberries with vanilla, etc

That is what you can choose among its rich variety of products.

Cocktails Energy Diet Smart:

  • strawberry;
  • the banana;
  • vanilla;
  • cappuccino;
  • chocolate;
  • the coffee;
  • raspberry;
  • red fruits.


  • tomato;
  • mushrooms;
  • vegetables;
  • chicken;
  • peas with smoked products.

The rest of the concentrates:

  • porridge;
  • mash (spring-mar, sunny Burgundy);
  • the pasta (wild berries, and tomato-vegetable gardens);
  • the bread;
  • the tortilla;
  • the dessert (crème brûlée with caramel).

Bars sports:

  • the nut;
  • vanilla;
  • caramel;
  • pineapple;
  • lemon
  • fruits of cactus;
  • the mango and the papaya.

The most popular energy cocktails energy diet smart, but this brand in the range of products has a drink of tea, which Enerwood Tea (13 of tastes). Is health centres in the herbs of the mountains of the altai.

A weight loss program

the start-up program

Weight-loss products energy diet, you will have to constantly spend three phases of the program: Start — Set — Control.


The Boot program of the first stage, which gives the body a boost to lose weight. Changes in the feeding habits of initiate the burning of fat. It has a duration of 3 days, if it is necessary to reset up to 10 kg; 5 — if more. Involves the consumption of not more than 1 500 calories a day.

Recommended meal plan: 5 meals / day + 400 g of vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, beets, lettuce, squash, aubergines, courgettes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, soybeans, green beans, lima beans, radishes, turnip, radish, of bulgaria, of the pepper. You can eat them, bake, or stew, cook them in salads. In the kitchen you can add chopped vegetables.

The fixation of

The second phase of the improvement of daily intake of food, but don't worry, the weight will continue to decline. In the menu, new products are introduced. It is a weight loss program of 25 days. If the final weight was still in excess, must return to the Start-up phase. The third phase of weight should be normal.

An example of a program of supply: power consumption of mixing energy diets — 2 times a day. The rest of the meal — a typical meal. Add protein foods. Allowed to eat something in one of the of the list 1 time a day in specific amounts:

  • 2 egg whites (cooked);
  • lean meat (100 gr);
  • poultry without skin (150 gr);
  • cheese low-fat (100 g);
  • nonfat cottage cheese (150 gr);
  • boiled fish lean / seafood (150 gr).
the conservation program of the

The control of the

During this phase you must learn to not overeat and to choose healthy food products. Duration: 1 month, for every kilo lost. The concentrates are used once a day at night. Added:

  • carbohydrates: pasta, beans, lentils, cereals, crude rice, oats, and buckwheat cereal;
  • 300 gr of fruit per day: kiwi, apricots, bananas, citrus fruits, pears, watermelon, peaches, pineapples;
  • 300 g of berries as an alternative to the fruit.


For each of concentrated energy diets are similar, but the nuances of different recipes. Try to follow the general outline of its preparation, not only to enjoy its taste, but also to achieve maximum results.

The energy cocktail

Pour a teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of warm milk, intense beat in a cocktail shaker.

The soup

Option 1. Pour a teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of warm milk, intense beat in a cocktail shaker.

Option 2. Pour a teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a cocktail shaker. Heat in the micro-wave for 1.5 minutes


Option 1. Pour a teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a cocktail shaker. Heat in the micro-wave for 2 minutes

Option 2. Pour a teaspoon of concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a cocktail shaker. Pour into the pan, fry until tender.

The bread

the control program

Mix 7 tablespoons of the dry mix with 5-dimensional tablespoons of drinking water. Knead the dough, form the bun. Put in a deep bowl, place in the microwave with a glass, half full of water. Put 750 w, cook for 5 minutes If you want to get a crispy bread, fry in the toaster.

The pasta

Pour 3-dimensional tablespoons of cold water in a cup. Slowly pour in it 1 package of pasta-energy diets, stirring carefully. To eat with bread.

The dessert

Pour a teaspoon of powder in a glass of hot milk, stir intensely, pour into the dish. Put in the microwave at 200 w and 2 minutes, Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before Removing the intake, sprinkle with the caramel.


Pour the contents of 1 sachet of puree, cold milk, intense, beat until a homogeneous consistency. Heat in the microwave 2.5 minutes to mix Well, let stand 2 minutes

The slurry

Option 1. Pour the contents of 1 sachet of cereal, 150 ml of milk at room temperature, carefully divide the that have formed lumps. Heat in the micro-wave 3 minutes to mix Well, let stand for 3 minutes

Option 2. Mix in a shaker 1 sachet of concentrate with 150 ml of almost boiling milk. Balls split the mixture mix well. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Questions and answers

How to take?

Follow exactly prepared for a weight loss program of 3 phases.

How to raise a cocktail?

Measuring spoon is in each bank, 30 g of product = 1 serving. To raise a cocktail necessary to mix one teaspoon dried concentrate with a glass of milk, intensely, beat in a bowl (the mixer is ideal for this).

What helps you lose weight?

If the problem of excess weight, in fact, there is, yes, a clear fulfillment of the program allows you to get rid of the ballast unnecessary. But if he continues to drink beer, eat chips, Energy Diet does not work.

Can you dilute in water?

Yes, but the taste can disappoint. Milk is a liquid for the cultivation of concentrate.

What are are the results of losing weight?

Someone the first results are already visible after one week of the start of the consumption of these products. In the cases that may require 3 months. So everything is very individual. On average, per week you can lose 3-4 kg

What is the caloric value of a serving?

200 kcal.

How does it work?

The regular consumption of cocktails energy diet optimizes the calorie content of foods, provides vitamins and other useful substances, establishes the digestion, removes impurities and toxins, improves well-being, quickly pulls out, beats the impulse of harmful products.

How banks Energy Diet?

The tin contains 450 grams of concentrate, which is enough for 15 meals. If you start with the program Start in 5 days, 1 package, in this period is not enough. For weight loss of this system have to pay 3-8 cans of different flavors.

Judging by the results of studies carried out to date and the tremendous amount of positive feedback, the system really works, unlike the miraculous "pill" of dubious quality. But to lose weight it is necessary to take into account all the disadvantages, contraindications and the cost of these products. Only the strict compliance of the programs can guarantee the results.