How to lose weight for a week

To lose weight quickly weekly, are recommended different ways. All of them set a limitation of consumption of the different products and the increase in physical activity. If you want to get rid of the extra pounds in 7 days, often used a strict diet. And remember that it is a strong weight loss in the short term can cause damage to the health.


The diet to lose weight fast

The question, how to lose weight for a week, most of the professionals play a — it requires a comprehensive approach. In addition to body wraps and exercises apply to express diet, because for 7 days, you can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. But it is completely stand properly in and out of them.


Buckwheat porridge — not calories of the dish, but it helps a lot and quickly saturate the body. The hunger is almost not felt. The menu includes only wheat, corn grits, which is made the porridge without oil, sugar and salt. Allows you to supplement the diet of 1 l of broth and kefir. In the course of the week you should drink 1.5 l of water. At the end of the week in the menu add a small amount of prune. The excess weight starts to disappear already in the third day. Buckwheat diet is considered effective and safe. There should only be administered to pregnant women, and lactating women. The kefir. It is a method of weight loss, that on the day it is recommended to take 0.5 l of broth and kefir. In addition, in the diet include the following products:

  • vegetables — 400 g;
  • chicken breast cooked steamed;
  • any fruit — 0.5 kg;
  • cottage cheese — 300 g;
  • 5 potatoes, cooked with skin and without salt.

The sixth day is a fan day, during which they drink only mineral water. On the seventh day in the diet include 500 g of any fruit, and 400 ml of kefir. Of the diet will carefully, gradually introducing on the menu-calorie products.


The apply, if I need to urgently to lose weight in a few pounds Each day should eat 1 kg of broth of cottage cheese. Eat during the day in small portions. After having used this product, the man quickly saturates and does not feel hunger. In the period of seven days is just the cottage cheese. The water you should drink a lot, and preferably boiled.


During the week you can to lose weight 7 kg, you should Eat only apples, eating, per day up to 1 kg can bake them, cook them, puree and squeeze the juice.

How to maintain the result, the disadvantages of the diets fast

The faults fast diets are this, that most of them leads to a lack in the body of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins. Of it, begins to suffer from the digestive system in the stomach are the sensations of pain, may develop weakness, dizziness, nausea, constipation, heartburn, decreases the memory and work capacity. In addition, to keep the result after the diet, it is necessary to observe healthy a balanced diet to, and not to move to the previous diet, and to not xlsm with excess. If the person realizes that you can't all the time eat nutritious foods, it is best not to search for the way to lose weight quickly.

How you can lose weight without harm to health

Many are interested in how much you can lose weight in a week without harm for health. Strict and restrictive diet is extremely dangerous for the human health. If your diet is composed of only 1 type of product, the weight starts to disappear quickly. So that the body gets rid of protein and water, that makes up the muscle tissue and body fat is propasal on a rainy day. You will not be able to lose weight without harm to health if it is necessary to get rid of the 7 days of 4 kg and more. It is recommended to lose weight in a week 0.8–1 kg In the opposite case, the body is going to experience stress, which is shown in the appearance and health of human.

The day necessarily start with the breakfast. You should not give up eating. To do this they are ideal nuts, natural yoghurt, vegetables, candied fruit, fruit. These products reduce the feeling of hunger. They are allowed sweets, but only useful: honey, piece of dark chocolate, dried fruit, candied fruit. If you can not do without sugar, you can substitute for brown unrefined.

How to plan the menu

Menu planning for the week, you calculate the caloric value of the food. Be of the diet it is necessary therefore, for the energy value of the dishes did not exceed the recommended standard. The menu necessarily includes the proteins that are found here in the flesh, lean varieties of fish, and dairy products. This food should be ¼ of the daily amount of the diet. The same amount should be legumes and cereals. With your help, the body absorbs the energy and the complex carbohydrates in the form of fat no longer record. Example of menu of the week it is expected the reception of food 4 times a day. Among them it is necessary to eat a small handful of nuts or an apple. This helps to be filled and activate the metabolism. All meals should contain nutrients, but distributed of them, taking into account the work activity of the digestive system:

  1. The body after waking, you need minerals, vitamins and energy, so breakfast should include cereals, fruits, snacks protein, for example, of the curd.
  2. In the lunch of the organs of the digestion capacity of processing large amounts of food. In the menu include the first dishes — borscht, soups, as well as by-products of the meat with a garnish on cereals, salads of vegetables.
  3. At night, the digestion processes begins to slow down. At dinner it is best to consume fermented dairy products, casseroles, vegetables, fish.

Sample menu for a week recipes

There are a lot of recipes delicious and healthy options to lose weight, that is found in the menu within 7 days.


At breakfast you can eat a pancake with curd and vegetables. For cooking, you will require these ingredients:

  • egg — 2 pieces;
  • lean cottage cheese and spinach — 50 g;
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp

Mix the eggs with the cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of water, the spinach. Pour it in a pan with vegetable oil and under the cap is adjusted to the preparation.
At lunch, consume broth-based soup with chicken and pasta. In the snack drink a glass of yogurt and eat grapefruit. At dinner you can cook in the oven the fish in aluminum foil with the addition of aromatic herbs, without salt and oil. Also eat the cabbage salad with apple and carrot.


The breakfast is prepared the oats in milk or water. Employ a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.
The lunch is prepared with boiled meat and a side of rice. For the preparation of dishes from the kitchen you will need:

  • lean beef — 1 kg;
  • rice — 0.5 of cups;
  • fresh cucumber in small size — 1 unit;
  • the parsley and dill;
  • spices — 2 seeds of black pepper and the bay leaf;
  • the soy sauce — 1 tbsp

Begin to prepare the dish the day before, soaking in the night the rice in the water. The next day, cook the beef. To do this, a piece of meat, fill in with cold water, brought to boiling and boil 2 minutes. After this thick broth is poured. The flesh is again placed in the water and add a little of the spices and the salt. After an hour, add to them, not chopped, the green beam, boil for 10 minutes and take off the meat from the broth. At the same time bake rinse the rice. To this is poured a glass of water and boiled until it evaporates. In the garrison added diced cucumber and soy sauce, mix. 1/3 boiled meat is cut into pieces and eaten along with rice. The rest of the beef clean in the refrigerator. In the future, can be used for the preparation of salads and sandwiches. In the mid-morning snack, eat fruit, and drink mineral water. In the dinner it is recommended to consume a fresh salad of cucumber and a glass of kefir.


In the breakfast eat a sandwich with a small piece of cooked beef and a circle of cucumber, drink coffee. Eat lean soup.
In the snack prepared diet rich:

  • lean cottage cheese — 200 g;
  • of durum wheat semolina — 2 tablespoons;
  • egg — 1 unit;
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp

Prepares the mass of the monkey, the cheese and the eggs. Form small rich and fried in oil until golden brown. During the presentation of your application, you can spread 1 tbsp of honey. In the dinner they prepare the fresh vegetables, and the of remoteness.


In the morning eat a piece of solid cheese, buckwheat, boiled in water, drink tea with sugar substitute.
In the lunch you prepare the soup fresh or dried mushrooms. For him you need to:

  • previously balls or fresh mushrooms — 150 g;
  • carrot small — 1 unit;
  • onion — 1 unit;
  • potatoes — 1 unit;
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp

Potatoes cleaned, cut into cubes and placed in 1 l of boiling water, in which previously add a small amount of salt. Mushrooms and onion finely cut, grated carrots with a grater, and all components are lightly fried. In a saucepan with the potatoes, add the mushrooms and the vegetables, and cook for 30 minutes. To the present add to the vegetables. In the snack prepare the cucumber salad, the corned beef and cabbage, which promote the lemon juice. At dinner consume natural yogurt and 1 integral piece.


In the breakfast eat the fat of the cheese with the addition of a small amount of honey.
Lunch baked in the oven of plaice with cheese and tomato. To prepare the dish, you will need:

  • fish of small size — 1 unit;
  • tomatoes — 2-3 pieces;
  • grated parmesan — 50 g;
  • pepper;
  • lemon juice — 1 tbsp

The fish is cleaned, washed, presented on a sheet of aluminum foil lightly sprinkled lemon and pepper. The top uniformly exposed and cut tomatoes into slices and sprinkle the cheese. The aluminum foil tightly wrapped and 30 minutes send plaice in the oven. In the snack you eat fruit salad and drink 250 ml of mineral water. For dinner a salad with any type of vegetables and with the addition of peas, drink a glass of kefir.


In the breakfast you prepare lasagna cheese with raisins. Require the following components:

  • cottage cheese — 200 g;
  • raisins — 1/3 cup;
  • eggs — 2 pieces;
  • flour — 3 tablespoons

Mix the cottage cheese, egg yolks, raisins and the flour, after which add protein shakes. Cheese the dough is put in the baking pan, and 30 minutes ship in the oven, heated to 180⁰C. In the lunch eat boiled or golden chicken breast, and buckwheat. In the snack — kefir and fruit. At night, dinner in the oven grilled fish with salad.


In the morning employ a sandwich-based tomato sauce and cheese, drink a cup of coffee. At lunch you eat the vegetable dish of beetroot soup. Snack presented a small whole-grain bread and a glass of kefir.

For dinner meatballs. To do this, take:

  • ground beef — 250 g;
  • onion — 1 unit;
  • egg — 1 unit;
  • boiled rice — 150 g;
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp

Minced meat, a little pepper, and mixed with salt, then mix with the rice and the egg. The onions are ground, roasted, pan-frying, there add 150 ml of water and brought to boiling. In the boiling sauce drop formed balls of minced meat, cover with the lid, subtract the fire and extinguish 20 minutes.

The compliance of the regime of food intake

You must set the time of the elevation and of the national liberation. The man should get up and go to bed at the same time, which allows you to take advantage of the agency's resources and accelerate the loss of excess pounds. The correct way consists of 5 meals — 3 main and 2 snacks. Between them there must be a break of 2-3 hours. The breakfast should be between 7 and 9 hours. The first appointment of the food takes place through 30 minutes after awakening. The second breakfast is necessary for the body to function correctly. It often starts in 3 hours after breakfast. Eating is necessary in the range of 12 hours to two hours. The afternoon tea is held in 15-16 hours, and for dinner, retires to a range of between 17 to 19 hours.

The physical activity

Quickly get rid of the fat layer in the hips and belly, if you merge a correct diet and physical activity. Help good cardiovascular training: running, skiing, skating, dancing, aerobics, cycling, running athletic. It is necessary to deal with the morning or evening.

As collect correctly and plan the training

Pick up correctly the exercises to eliminate the belly or lose weight in the legs and the hips and the help of an instructor. Make necessary regularly. Effectively burn fat aerobic load, for example, fast walking on the treadmill. The training should last 40-80 minutes as the fat begins to burn after 30 minutes of exercise.

Weight loss help:

  • cardio training — jumping rope, running, etc;
  • strength training;
  • split;
  • circular training.

The training in the home

The most effective exercises are: at the press conference, to the muscles of the back, the shoulders, the belly, the chest, buttocks, legs. During this training it is necessary to emphasize the inner part of the thighs and the buttocks. To do this, take the initial position of the cap lying down with the legs and the arms should be extended, feet together. The back is kept directly, and the pelvis is not lifted. They are alternatively swinging of the feet from 10 to 15 times each. Another way to help get rid of the fat from the sides and in the stomach. Lie down on the floor, stretching your legs, hands behind the head. Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor, the tension of the muscles of the press, is in 3 seconds and it will come down to is a player. Repeat 10 times.


How to lose weight during the diet can help not only the physical activity, but also surrounds them, are frequently applied and the procedures. On the body apply a mixture of the active components. Wraps are hot and cold. In the first case, the mixture contains a coolant, suddenly one of the vessels and the pores. This gives rise to a powerful outflow of blood and lymph to the cells of the skin. When they start intensely split fats. During treatments with wraps active components heat up part of the body, thus favouring the dilation of the vessels, speed up the metabolism and the circulation of the blood.

How to maintain the result

For the excess weight he did not come back, you must avoid previous habits: excessive eating, the consumption of an excessive amount of fats, carbohydrates and sweet, a poor nutritional status. You must continue to exercise a physical, to maintain a balance of vitamins, drink lots of water, avoid distractions during meals.